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22Momme Silk Sleep Set Leopard Print

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Product Information

22Momme Silk Sleep Set Leopard Print

The silk pillowcases and the sleep eye mask are made of 100% pure mulberry silk, both sides 22 monme and 600 thread count.
Sweat Absorbing Technology has a better moisture-wicking feature.
The hypoallergenic, smooth, and breathable fabric allows your body to reduce cortisol levels, relax better and get you a better sleep quality, all of which are leading anti-aging indicators.
Best gift choice for your lovers and friends on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year festivals.


100% 6A Grade Mulberry Silk

Natural Hair Moisture

Anti-aging & Anti-Wrinkles


Sweat Absorbing Technology

OEKO Certified, No-toxic dye

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Our Silk

1. Pure 100% Mulberry Silk:

Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available in the world. Grade 6A silk 100% Mulberry silk comes from silkworms that only munch on Mulberry leaves. Silk created from these silkworms is of the highest quality.

2. Created by Skin & Hair Experts:

Silk has been proven to be the fabric of choice for those skin-conscious. Cotton and other cheap imitations or low-quality silk brands are harsh on the skin and hair, causing wrinkles, knotted and tangled hair, as well as skin irritation. ZIMASILK was created by a team of skin & hair experts who saw silk as the perfect sleep fabric.

3. Anti -Aging Benefits:

ZIMASILK's high-quality mulberry silk is a hypoallergenic, smooth, soft, and breathable fabric that allows your body to reduce cortisol levels, relax better and get you a better quality of sleep, all of which are leading anti-aging indicators.

Our Story

ZimaSilk is a young, ambitious, and creative brand. We are here to provide you one of the best silk products across the US. We are here to bring empowerment and confidence to people all over the world.

We hope ZimaSilk would become your best friend, your secret safe place to run and hide. After every thought day, ZimaSilk will always by your side and make you feel stronger than ever. We wish ZimaSilk will become that friend who encourages you to start the brand new day.

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Eggplant colored real silk queen case/quality seller

LOVE!! I got the eggplant queen size pillowcase and I absolutely love it. I have a queen size memory foam pillow with bamboo cover and it fits inside snug as a bug with zero pressure on the seams. You do have to hand wash real silk which can be a pain but worth it to me to have real silk. The momme count is what you want to look for when purchasing a silk pillowcase as higher momme means thicker quality and more softness. To make sure your silk keeps its texture they recommend using vinegar when rinsing or even hair conditioner as it��s delicate enough to use on sensitive material such as this. I haven��t washed mine yet as they can go longer in between washes since it��s such a quality/high end material, silk doesn��t collect dust and dry skin like cotton and other fabrics can which is one of the reasons it��s so pricy and sought after. I bought woolite and white vinegar for washing mine properly when the time comes, I also recently bought a 25 momme case for my 2nd pillow. This is a 19momme count as I mentioned which is great and very soft. I was not that impressed right out of the bag as it didn��t seem any better than my satin pillowcases but I can assure you once you sleep on it there is a very noticeable difference! They do have wrinkles at first and any time it��s washed but they fall out eventually once on the pillow, they do not recommend drying ever!! You are to hang dry always. You can iron but they say cold and always inside out so the silk stays super soft like it should. I��ve seen where people mentioned you can use warm iron but never on the front and it��s fine. Other reviews also stated they washed and dried but with the knowledge I know of silk I would never do this as it will almost certainly guarantee you ruin the silk. Also silk being delicate means the zipper area does not go from end to end, you do have to squeeze your pillow in so it doesn��t put pressure on the zipper and break it. I seen several reviews complaining about this issue but I realized right away and know it��s no defect. Silk is not super strong so it requires some care on the owners part, if you want stronger definitely go with a higher momme count. I love this brand and recommend for sure as well as plan to buy more in the future since they have so many color options and even prints. I will say though most prints are only 16momme which is why I decided against a print even though originally that��s what I wanted. I would do 19momme or higher but I have seen many happy customers with 16 if you gotta have the cute print! Also those on a budget start with satin it��s really nice also and has many of the same benefits. But being a synthetic fiber I would not spend a ton as there are so many quality makers here on amazon and most satin is polyester anyways so I��d rather save or splurge on silk versus spend a ton on satin. Satin is a weave not a fiber so that��s the difference as many don��t realize they are different. Sometimes it even says silky satin but that just means it feels real silky not that it is silk unless it states mulberry silk or 100% silk. I also would never purchase a silk case that does not give the momme count as that��s how you know quality level. Zimasilk is one of the better brands so you can buy knowing it��s a quality item and seller. Ps one last thing I originally bought a different brand at first adubor but I immediately returned as that brand also makes satin and I think someone did a switch out as it was wrong color and very much used as it had spots and the tag was cut out from the inside so I had no way of telling if it was real and I��m assuming not since it was clearly a return and used. So once I received my zimasilk case I checked first thing for any use and then inside for the manufacturer tag which I recommend others do since amazon clearly can��t check their returns properly and they send used items bought as new. Also last thing for real I went with the darker color as you can get spots from sweat and things which looks unappealing and gross to me so I��d rather get a darker color so I��m not washing to much. Hope this helps I��m trying to share my knowledge I��ve gathered from reading all the fine print as well as other reviews as it helps so much to know the deal! I plan to buy many silk cases for gifts as it��s a real game changer especially for us ladies and this is the brand I plan on buying


So Soft!

I got this on Prime Day and loved it so much, I just bought a second one for my husband. I've never used a silk pillow cover before and I don't think I will ever use anything else. It is soft to the touch and I can see how it may help with keeping skin and hair healthy. I put it in the washing machine (in a laundry net) and it came out totally fine. TMI warning. I did drool on it, and unfortunately that part the stain did not come out, so something to take note of.


Do yourself a favor and buy this pillow case!

So I have bleach damaged dry brittle hair. I have had damaged hair for 5 years, from bleaching. I use to sleep on expensive Egyptian cotton pillow cases and Every morning for 5 years I would wake up with gigantic knots in the back of my hair that was agonizing to brush out and every morning I would lose clumps of hair not to mention hair that broke off onto my pillow during the night from the friction of my hair in the pillow. After my painful knot brush out I would have to get to my daughter and her hair and knots??????! After switching over to this silk pillow case, which I have had for over a month and I have yet to wake up with knots in my hair. The only thing I have changed in my hair routine is my pillow case. It worked so well for me I got one for my daughter who is a toddler but hates having her painful knots brushed out and now she doesn��t have that problem either! Do yourself a favor and get this pillow case. It will save your hair, if you��re a parent, morning hair brushing isn��t so dreadful and it is a hair and time saver. No more detanglers, no more wasted time trying to brush out the knots carefully and as painlessly as possible. Since we couldn��t travel much this year I didn��t care but I am also going to order one strictly for my luggage so I can use it when I��m traveling!


Real silk and holds up in the washing machine

My first silk pillowcase. This is definitely real silk and very well-made. It��s packaged very nicely with detailed instructions for its care. I got the pink and it��s not a baby pink but more of a blush. I immediately washed it on the ��hand washing�� setting in my washing machine, inside out, with Woolite and a pinch of hair conditioner (per a blog I read) in the fabric softener compartment. I washed it in pure cold water and set the spin cycle on ��slow��. It held up perfectly. I hung it to dry overnight and the next morning it was soft, dry, and no wrinkles. My biggest worry with getting a silk pillowcase was the care of it and if it would be a hassle. So far, not at all! I would definitely purchase this brand again.


terriffic product!!!

The pillowcases that I bought are absolutely beautiful. The color is soft and neutral. I got the ones with the zippers and the fit on my standard latex pillows is perfect. The silk is smooth and after the first use, my hair looked better than I had ever seen it in the morning. And you won��t wake with creases on your face from your pillowcase. Plus I found them cool and comfortable.