Take Care Of Your Silk

No matter what kind of silk products, in order to maintain the luster and texture of silk,you need to pay attention to it when you care.

How To Hand Wash Silk at Home

Step-by-Step Instructions Dry clean can prolong the lifespan of silk, but it can also be achieved if you follow the instructions for washing silk.

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    Use neutral or special detergent

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    Hand wash with lukewarm water (≤30°C/86°F)dry clean

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    Do not bleach. Use detergent specifically designed to care for silk items.
    Please follow the instruction on the bottle as well.

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    Do not tumble dry. Take the item out of the machine and use a clean white cloth to soak up excess moisture.

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    Use neutral or special detergent

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    Hang item or lay flat to dry. Hang dry if possible.
    Avoid direct sunlight exposure.


Before wash

Just like bathing a baby you‘ll need gentle soap, a bowl and a towel. Fill the bowl with warm water (30℃) and add silk lotion. Remember to be gentle with your babies.


Put your silk into the water

Immerse the garment completely in the water basin. Gently pulse the water with your hands, moving it around so soapy water penetrates through the fibers. If desired, soak the item for up to three or four minutes.


Air dry

Use a strong plastic or wood hanger to air dry your garment. Never use a wire hanger, or you’ll risk leaving an imprint on the fabric. Fasten any and all buttons, zippers, or ties to help ensure the garment holds its shape and dries without wrinkling.


Remove wrinkles

Avoid using an iron to remove wrinkles from silk fibers. Hanging a silk garment overnight should remove most wrinkles. If absolutely necessary, consider using an iron on its silk or lowest possible setting to remove persistent wrinkles.

Another important factor is water temperature. Even slightly above 30°C or 85℉ can change silk dramatically. Wash in cold will be the safest method if your machine doesn't specify exact heat settings.

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