This Best-Selling Silk Pillowcase Has Nearly 12,000 Perfect Ratings  — and It’s Less Than $25 Today

While silk pillowcases are gentle on the skin because there’s less “tugging” as you toss and turn, they’re also beneficial for those with particularly dry skin. “I used to wake up with dry patches all over my face no matter how much lotion I put on but now my skin looks so much better in the morning,” another five-star reviewer shared.

Available in an impressive 34 different colors (everything from classic ivory to dramatic eggplant purple), this silk pillowcase is made with 19 momme silk — a high level of quality, especially considering the product’s low price point. Another factor that makes this pillowcase stand out is its hidden zipper, which proves especially helpful for those who move around while they sleep: “With all the other non-zippered pillowcases I've had, the pillows have always slipped out of the case,” one shopper wrote. “Adding a zipper solves that problem.”

Promising many nights of restful beauty sleep ahead, the Zimasilk pillowcase is a budget-friendly option for anyone who hasn’t yet hopped on the silk pillowcase bandwagon. If you’re dreaming of better hair days ahead, make your purchase fast.

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