The Most Popular Silk Pillowcase Will Fight Wrinkles and Frizz While You Sleep

One reviewer called it “one of the best hair and skin investments” and another said it’s “an absolute steal.”  

“Absolutely amazing! Frankly I'm shocked that this pillowcase is as cheap as it is. I recently looked into getting silk pillowcases as I heard it's better for both your hair and face (the cotton pillowcase I used previously could be harsh on my hair and face as I tossed and turned during the night),” the reviewer wrote. “ It arrived quickly and I was pleasantly surprised by how high quality the pillowcase is, considering I paid very little for it. It washed very easily and didn't snag at all. It looks very expensive and luxurious! I put it on my pillow and I've noticed an immediate difference in my hair when I woke up the next morning. It's so comfortable to sleep on as well—the silk is very cooling, which I love. I HIGHLY recommend this pillowcase.”

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