The best silk pillowcases for 2021 Reduce friction that can mess with your hair and skin at night with a soft silk pillowcase.

 Silk pillowcase brands often advertise an impressive list of benefits of switching your pillowcase from cotton to silk -- like better hair and skin. And while the science is less than solid on how much silk can really help with complex skin concerns like wrinkles, sensitive skin or acne, beauty pros and experts have recommended them for years for softer, frizz-free hair and better-moisturized skin.

If you're ready to swap out your normal-thread-count cotton pillowcase for a silk alternative, and potentially reduce hair breakage, tame frizzy hair , aand pamper your dry skin in the process, try one of the silk pillowcases below. We've curated this best silk pillowcase list based on research and customer reviews from across the web, including sites like Amazon and Sephora. Also, if you're looking to further up your sleep game, we have suggestions for the best pillows, best sheets and more

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