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Silk Care

 Silk Washing Tips

        • Neutral detergent: Silk is weak acidic and needs regular neutral detergent cleaning. The amount of washing should be strictly in accordance with the instructions and should not be added arbitrarily.
        • Hand cleaning: It's better to use hand cleaning instead of washing machine. When washing, we should pay attention to gentleness and gentleness, not rubbing hard, it is better to exert evenly.
        • Professional dry cleaners: If there are more stains such as silk clothes, it is difficult to clean them manually. It is better to go to a large dry cleaner with good dry cleaning effect and good reputation.
        • 30 degrees water temperature: the best water temperature is about 30 degrees, not too hot or too cold, otherwise it will damage the fabric. Clean tap water should be chosen, as soon as the water has not been clothed.
        • Air-drying in the shade: silk fabrics can not be exposed to the sun, easy to fade, great damage to color, should be natural air-drying in the shade;
        • Do not twist after washing: do not twist after washing, clothes should be laid neatly on a clean bath towel, slowly rolled up from one end with a bath towel to absorb most of the moisture!


        We recommend hand washing your ZIMASILK pillowcase for best results. Hand washing your ZIMASILK pillowcase with gentle pH neutral liquid detergent like our slip® gentle silk wash (or fabric softener) can maximise its life span and help to keep its shine, softness and ‘slip’. The better it ‘slips’ the better it will care for you!


        ZIMASILK pure silk pillowcases are machine washable too! Traditionally, silk is hand wash and dry clean only. ZIMASILK is of the highest quality, refined and developed for over ten years for ultimate durability. Even though ZIMASILK pillowcases are machine washable it’s important to remember that silk is a natural fiber and requires love and care.

        1. Delicate setting
        2. Cool water
        3. pH neutral liquid detergent
        4. Delicates care bag recommended


        When it comes to drying your ZIMASILK pillowcase, natural air drying in the shade is best. Do not tumble dry. Make sure to iron or steam your slip® pillowcase on a low heat setting. Your slip® pillowcase is dry-cleanable. Any dry cleaning solvent other than trichloroethylene may be safely used.