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Silk originated in China and it is an honor to present this ancient oriental gift to you. The collective wisdom of the sericulture people of this land has been condensed ZIMASILK has always adhered to its original heart from generation to generation. From raw silk material collection to processing and to finished products, each step is carefully selected. ZIMASILK hopes that every customer will have a wonderful silk experience and enjoy the silky noble life.


ZIMASILK Silk pillowcase is crafted by 19 momme pure mulberry silk. Both sides of the pillowcase is organic and natural silk.Light weight and easy to carry.


The most natural anti-aging product,hypoallergenic,breathable.
white silk sheets


Superior durable plain color ,not easy to run after washing.Exquisite craftmanship of the neat stitches.


It is designed with hidden zipper closure.With Queen(20x30inches) and King(20x36inches) and Stardard size(20x26inches) in various kinds colours.

Taupe Silk Pillowcase

19 Momme Silk Pillowcase

Taupe Silk Pillowcase the natural anti-aging product,hypoallergenic,smooth,soft and breathable.It takes you into a beautiful dream.

White Silk Pillowcase

OEKO Certified

Superior durable plain color for choose ,not easy to run after washing.Exquisite craftmanship of the neat stitches.

Lavender Silk Pillowcase

• Never Bleach Silk

Silk-made, silky enjoyment.We hopefully you appreciate a value experience.It is really a wondeful and secret gift for you and your lovers keeping young.

Floral Print Pillowcase

Both sides is organic and natural silk

The silk pillowcase made from 100% Mulberry Silk 16 Momme

Pink Silk Eye Mask

Machine Washable

Light Weight Silkly Soft Sleep Mask

Black Silk Eye Mask

Easy to adjustable

Mulberry Adjustable Silk Sleep Mask with Bag
I've had "silk" pillowcases before, and they weren't really silk, but I liked them. So I ordered this Zimasilk case, thinking it was more of the same, but it's a step about the others I've had, both in the silkiness, and the fact that there's a zipper on the end. This is pure genius, because with all the other non-zippered pillowcases I've had, the pillows have always slipped out of the case. Adding a zipper solves that problem. I recommend this product.

J. Hume

This is my first silk pillow case. I had a polyester case that was hot. This natural fabric is cooler and is very soft. I like the size because it went on my foam pillow without a struggle. The zipper is hidden, and it's silk on both sides. This will cut down on laundry frequency because I can flip the pillowcase over and sleep on the other side.

James Doel

Made a huge difference in my hair and skin! I just bought 2 more for my kids. My hair is naturally thick, frizzy and tangled, and I can easily stretch out my time between washings with this. This is the only silk pillowcase I've tried, so I don't have anything to compare it to. But I'm very impressed at the price and quality.


These pillowcases are exactly what I was looking. I have naturally curly hair and needed silky pillowcases. These are not only made well, with quality mulberry silk, but they are a beautiful blue color.



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